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The Ultimate Abaya Fabric Guide

abaya fabric guide

The key determinant in deciding an Abaya must be the fabric and material, as that can make a huge difference between the kind of piece that is going to feel comfy and wow, through an Abaya that would have been awkward for the climatic conditions. And knowing what the Abaya fabric is can enable you to make the most suitable choice to make the final decision.

Now let us start and follow list of abaya fabric with some of the most prevalent material used in abayas:-


Nida/Nidha is the most favorite pick for abayas across globe since it is an extravagant, sleek and gentle cloth, making it an ideal wear. Truly made on polyester, and being comfortable to wear or carry, it offers a very good fall on your dress as well. Nida/Nidha is an expensive fabric and comes in different variants, we, at The Hijab Company try to offer the best variant possible.


Chiffons are wonderfully graceful, thin, luxurious textile that could be translucent when used to create a lining-free dress. Though usually Chiffons are crafted of Polyester. Its comfortable, airy but bit slippery. We have a huge range of chiffon scarves and abayas listed on our website.


Crepe, a kind of fabric which with twisted weaves, which gives a high quality fabric textured feeling. Most important element of this fabric is its ability to resist creasing. This fabric is also being used to make other garment pieces. It offers a nice drape, good coverage & a modest look to Abayas


Georgette is another artificial material made of polyester, a little more rugged then chiffons and also is much more opaque then chiffons. Due to its good drape it is a good choice for Abaya


Jersey is a soft stretchable material, used for making various kinds of dresses. Over time people have tried jersey's but due to its sticky nature and warm feeling, it is not considered as a suitable abaya fabric. 


What is the best Abaya fabric?

There is no definite to this question because it depends on your budget and taste. Majority abayas in Pakistan, or globally are made on Nida/Nidha because of fabrics versatility and comfort. However Chiffon/Georgettes are also trendy & chic if styled properly.

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