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How to choose Abaya size

how to choose abaya size

How to Choose Abaya Size

Gone are the days when abayas were just a plain black, traditional designs. We, at The Hijab Company, believe that abayas are a fashion statement too whilst also keeping the modesty, you can find all sort of styles with different colors, embellishments and designs to outshine the crowd.

Whether you’re choosing an abaya for everyday wear or a special occasion, choosing the right one will compliment your looks. Make a simple misjudgment and you can find yourself looking dull and feeling uncomfortable.


How to Measure Abaya Size


The first thing to consider when choosing an abaya is your height. Whether you’re tall or short, abaya’s should reach the full length of your body and shouldn’t be any shorter than a few centimeters below your ankle. When trying on an abaya, test to see what it will look like with and without heels (tiptoe if you can’t test with heels).


You definitely want to look for an abaya that compliments your body and enhances your features. That’s not to say that your abaya should have a tight body fit, but should fit well enough so that you can comfortably wear your own clothes underneath. If you have more of a pear-shaped figure, choose an abaya that is wide at the bottom and tighter on the sleeves. For a slimmer or skinny figure, opt for an abaya that has more layers to accentuate your figure.

Sleeve length

No one likes sleeves that are too short or too long, especially when they weren’t designed to fit that way. When choosing the right abaya, make sure the sleeves are at wrist length unless the design states otherwise.


Choose the right Abaya fabric

When it comes to choosing an abaya, make sure it matches the season. You wouldn’t want to wear a silk abaya in the winter or a wool abaya in the summer. Make sure to choose abayas with light fabric for the summer and leave the heavy and layered abayas for the winter. Most importantly, make sure you feel comfortable!

Please check the size guides carefully and read the product descriptions before proceeding with any of your abaya order to avoid any inconvenience. 

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